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Space Scout 70mm figura Miniaturas Andrea

I'm proud to present my first scale figure I've sculpted for the great miniatures company, Miniaturas Andrea.
It is a 70 mm (1:32 scale) miniature that belongs to Dark Nova collection, a space scout.

Concept design is from Andrea's concept designers, my goal was to sculpt it digitally entirely for be printed and subsequently cast. It is a kit composed of pieces of metal and resin.

Also I created a textured version to create an illustration, was necessary to sculpt a scenery for it too.

Hope you like it!

Here you can see and purchase the final product.

Nacho riesco gostanza scout espalda
Nacho riesco gostanza scout frente
Nacho riesco gostanza scout despiece
Nacho riesco gostanza peana sinpintar
Nacho riesco gostanza peana pintada
Nacho riesco gostanza peana scout solo